The Watch Rapport Technique

Coventry, Milton Keynes and London this week, Spring is in the air and today the mercury hit 15 degrees. Spring is a great time of the year for mortgage advisers, more people move in this period than any other and Easter is the great kick off.
Are you ready for the influx of new clients?
If so, […]

SPVs Rule OK

This week I’ve been working with some specialist lenders helping their people sell their products to the Broker community, i.e. you.
Their lending focus is But to Lets notably Limited Company lending. As a result of my time, I’m convinced that SPV Limited Company is the route of choice for buying rental properties. Here’s why I […]

Podcast Your CPD

I’ve been in Edinburgh all week working with some advisers who’ve some exciting new products to sell. Edinburgh’s a beautiful city but not when Storm Doris hit on Thursday morning and my train was due to depart at 2pm.
Snow, torrential rain, tornado like winds caused commotion to the rail network.
I eventually arrived home here in […]

Push Doctor Lessons for Advisers

This week I needed a doctor’s appointment for a repeat prescription so I phoned the surgery. The next appointment was three weeks’ away. I mean come on.
Was it an emergency, they asked, not really came my reply. Then you’ll have to wait then.
I mean “hello” what was that all about? So I looked for an […]

Some Quick Email Tips

I’ve been out and about this week working with sales teams – Milton Keynes, London and Bolton.
With one team we stumbled across the perennial problem of emails – not handling a bulging inbox – but how to send emails that get read quickly. All the usual culprits were mentioned but these tips were particularity new:

Use […]

B2L Taxation Changes – A Reminder

I’ve been running workshops this week for the Advanced Mortgage Exam – the R07. A popular topic with my groups was the changes to Buy to Let that have occurred over the last year and continue this year.
So, I thought I’d just remind you what they are in 8 bullets:

Extra 3% Stamp Duty on second […]

How Engaged Are You?

I’ve been working in Milton Keynes, Gloucester and Bristol this week and I’ve been helping Sales Managers get more out of their sales teams.
A topic that rears its head on every occasion is motivation. “How can I motivate my team?” is the question I’m asked.
“You can’t” is my reply.
“You need to provide an environment where […]

Reveal the Blemish

The year is beginning to speed up again after the long Christmas break and on Tuesday evening I attended a meeting of my professional body – The Professional Speaking Association – in Birmingham. Networking with colleagues, I also received a healthy dose of CPD relevant to my expertise.

On the train home I thought of you […]

Increasing Your Business in 2017

Happy New Year
I spent the Christmas and New Year at my Dad’s house in France. Wine, cheese and good company.
We discussed properties and the housing market in France because my Dad and his partner want to sell their individual homes and combine. Great idea but there’s a problem. The state of the French housing market.
You […]

How to Get Along With Anyone

I’ve been Stateside this week running a week-long sales management workshop in Miami. We had a ball, the group warmed to my Brit sense of humour and we enjoyed a week of prime development. We all got along fine from day one which made the whole process so much more enjoyable. One of my skills […]

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