Ping it Back

I think that was a tune from Moloko from the late 90’s
But it’s also a habit that mortgage advisers get into when customers ask them a question. They’re trained and instinctively they answer.
My thought for you is stop this and ping it back. Yes that’s right ping back the question to find out a little […]

Lots of business from OWLS

This week I heard a humourous new stereotype customer life stage called OWLS.
Older, Working Less, Still Earning.
No longer does this life stage view retiring as a cliff edge where workers suddenly tumble over. The world has changed.
I prefer the pre-tiree to categorise this group. Plenty of capital, still earning to supplement their pension. Wanting healthcare, […]

Use Analogies When Advising

Some things are very difficult to explain as mortgage advisers but we have a duty of care to ensure clients “get it”. The best way to do this is to create a bank of metaphors or analogies that will separate you from your competition.
For example, this week I was reading about the Gulf States blockading […]

Second Charge Opportunities

I’ve been updating our CeMAP products and recording some new video shoots in the studio this week and I happened to look back to exactly 10 years’ ago to see what I was doing in my business.
On the 3rd July 2007, I was running a week-long workshop for 8 CeMAP students in a classroom. Everyone […]

An Opportunity to Grow Your Business

I’m always looking for new business opportunities and for you to succeed as a mortgage broker, you need to be doing this too. Here’s a goodie for you with my compliments. Firstly there’s 3 issues facing us:

The mortgage business is in a bit of a lull at the moment and the home moving market pause […]

A Conversational Fact find

I’ve been to London, Cheltenham and Glasgow this week working with various sales and mortgage sales team who wanted to have more conversations with customers as opposed to a one-way questioning tirade whilst factfinding.
The most precise learning for us all is that you don’t have to keep on asking questions to allow the customer room […]

Talk to the Right People

This week I’ve been working with mortgage advisers for smaller building societies. Something shone out to me when working with smaller firms. Flexibility and I liked it. Let me explain how this will benefit you as a mortgage broker.
You see, brokers like yourselves, can pick up the phone and speak directly to an underwriter at […]

How to Attract the Right Client

I attended a seminar over the weekend – Friday through Sunday – which was insightful and cutting edge, I prefer attending seminars at weekends as it keeps the working week free.
I learned enormous amounts of new ideas and techniques, which I’ll share over these emails but one little snippet I really wanted to let you […]

Pick Your Lane

I had a long car journey this week, to Scotland and back. Nothing unusual in that as my work requires I travel. I did notice though, how many stretches of our motorways are being converted to so called “Smart Motorways”
A Smart Motorway involves converting the hard shoulder into an additional lane to reduce traffic jams […]

3 Tips to Increase your Sales

I’ve had pleasure in working with a number of salespeople in the mortgage market this week and I’m always amazed at how effect performance that has nothing to do with selling skills and can make such a difference.
Here’s 3 for you:

When making appointments with clients or brokers over the telephone, always send an Outlook Calendar […]

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