Second Charge Opportunities

I’ve been updating our CeMAP products and recording some new video shoots in the studio this week and I happened to look back to exactly 10 years’ ago to see what I was doing in my business.

On the 3rd July 2007, I was running a week-long workshop for 8 CeMAP students in a classroom. Everyone had travelled to get there and were staying in hotels overnight, having given up a week of their work lives and a handsome sum of money.

At that time, this was the best option to learn CeMAP but today, things are different, dissimilar.

In your world as a mortgage adviser, things are also unrelated today compared to 10 years’ ago. Huge changes but one that seems to have slipped the net for many advisers is the provision of second charges.

Back in 2007, these were offered by specialist firms accompanied with eye watering charges procured to people who really didn’t have any choice to relieve themselves from unsecured lending depts.

In 2017, you now have them available on your sourcing systems and can be advised to mainstream borrowers as an alternative solution to re-mortgages, bridging, further advances. Mortgage Brain have integrated its second charge mortgage sourcing capability into its first charge sourcing systems to let you see options side by side. Fees have fallen along with the rates for the second charge lending making them particularly attractive.

There’s an opportunity to prove your worth to your clients. You have moved into this area haven’t you? You should.

In the same way, CeMAP training is now available online and not just with a ridiculous book with page turning capability on a screen. For goodness sake, you can buy the book and read if that’s your style. No, I mean online interactivity that mirrors the benefits of a classroom.  This evening I’ve 8 students learning CeMAP with a live interactive webinar and pre-recorded videos plus email support.

Are you looking to evolve your business model, continuously? I love change don’t you, so exciting.


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