Lots of business from OWLS

This week I heard a humourous new stereotype customer life stage called OWLS.

Older, Working Less, Still Earning.

No longer does this life stage view retiring as a cliff edge where workers suddenly tumble over. The world has changed.

I prefer the pre-tiree to categorise this group. Plenty of capital, still earning to supplement their pension. Wanting healthcare, savings, insurance and a mortgage way into their 70’s because over 2 million of them have interest only mortgages with nothing to repay the capital. They’re particularly interested in Buy 2 Let businesses using limited companies. They are fit enough to maintain properties and have had years of DIY experience behind them, many owning properties since their 20’s.

They have good deposits from their pension lump sums to start a B2L business and the new pension rules to take larger lump sums out. The B2L market still requires good quality rental property and with occasional landlords leaving the market, there’s never been a better time to start. I am, I’ve created my Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) and have a detailed business plan to have 6 properties in my portfolio by 2020

And there’s a lot of them and this group will grow as the Baby Boomers hit 60 plus.

Target this group in your marketing, write blogs with interesting articles covering their needs, reach out to them in your prospecting, engage with them online – blogs, forums, sites – they’re all very internet savvy. Try using Google Adwords to bounce them onto your website, using very distinct and cheap key words.

Use seminar selling. Hire a room somewhere, invite a whole bunch of people from this group, put together a presentation that shows them how to start a B2L business, the pros and cons, the taxation and the ultimate gain. Make it knowledge heavy and sales’ey light. I guarantee if you do this, you’ll get some excellent business opportunities.

OWLS, whatever next? Do you remember Yuppies, Dinkies? They all changed our sector and created massive new markets, you can do the same this year.


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