A Conversational Fact find

I’ve been to London, Cheltenham and Glasgow this week working with various sales and mortgage sales team who wanted to have more conversations with customers as opposed to a one-way questioning tirade whilst factfinding.

The most precise learning for us all is that you don’t have to keep on asking questions to allow the customer room to talk more. Collectively known as assertions you can:

  • Briefly play back what they just said and they’ll add some more
  • Verbally nod using “uh hur, I see, interesting”
  • Non-verbal nods such as nodding, smiling, head tilts, expressions.
  • Hand to face gestures to indicate interest.
  • Reflective statements to bounce back emotions such as “I understand, that must have been terrible, gosh you were brave, wow, that must have been exhausting”
  • Pre-frames for your questions, Words such as “May I ask….I’d be curious to know….I’d be very interested to know…Tell me…”

Try these instead of just keep asking more questions and probes. Trying skiing off-piste occasionally and don’t follow your factfind rigidly, you’ll be amazed how much more of a conversation you’ll have with your customer and believe me, it’s not illegal and you won’t be shot at dawn.

I teach this 6 hours and 91 separate video lessons on my online Mortgage Advisory Skills course, details available here


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