How to Attract the Right Client

I attended a seminar over the weekend – Friday through Sunday – which was insightful and cutting edge, I prefer attending seminars at weekends as it keeps the working week free.

I learned enormous amounts of new ideas and techniques, which I’ll share over these emails but one little snippet I really wanted to let you know now, because it’s so simple and powerful.

In your marketing and advertising, you aim to attract a certain type of client – high net worth, first time buyer, elderly – if you’re not you should do. If your advertising is aimed at anyone with a pulse, you will turn people away as odd as that sounds.

But here’s the thing. Your advertising should actively discourage the people you don’t want.

For example. My segmented target clients are – financial services sales directors, heads of sales, operations director level – that’s where my marketing focusses. My marketing proactively discourages others and if they make contact, the first part of my sales process, the qualifying stage, will discourage them further.

If someone asks too many questions upfront, I actively suggest our products are not for them because I know they are not my target market and it never works out. Besides they are probably shopping around in the marketplace, so experience tells me, not to attract this type of client.

So think about your marketing and prospecting. Have you:

  1. Determined your ideal client.
  2. Firmed your positioning in the market (you’re not doing everything for everyone are you?)
  3. Market specifically for this segmented client
  4. Discouraged the wrong clients in your marketing and selling.

And finally, if someone is shopping around in the marketplace, and you can find this out by asking them, politely suggest that your service/product may not be right for them.

This has a magnetic effect. Experience the effect by using this technique, you’ll be astounded.


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