3 Tips to Increase your Sales

I’ve had pleasure in working with a number of salespeople in the mortgage market this week and I’m always amazed at how effect performance that has nothing to do with selling skills and can make such a difference.

Here’s 3 for you:

  1. When making appointments with clients or brokers over the telephone, always send an Outlook Calendar request even if the meeting is on the phone. It helps to ensure the meeting is kept to time.
  2. Always update your CRM system with details of the contact, what happened etc. Do this pretty much immediately after the activity. Your memory will never serve you here. If you don’t have a CRM, get one.
  3. It’s all about activity and if you do the right amount of activity the results will just happen. So long as you’re half decent at the selling side. Measure your activity and target yourself. Get your funnel out. How many calls, how many appointments, how many DIPs, how many applications, how many completions? We worked on 50:10:2:1 to get just one application, so 50 calls had to made each day. Puts effort into perspective.

Advising, selling – whatever you think you do – here’s 3 actions you can pump up to improve your performance as a mortgage adviser.


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